Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

What’s the material?

Gold Filled 

Gold filled is a great choice for those not willing to sacrifice their poolside accessories. Each gold filled piece is made by bonding the gold to the metal underneath (for us that is brass or sterling silver). Gold filled pieces can stand up to regular encounters with water, perfumes and oils. While the piece may darken over time, they will not turn to reveal another color underneath. 

How do I care for Gold Filled?

Gold filled is pretty low maintenance. We still recommend wiping your gold filled pieces down with a jewelry-safe cloth and keeping them away from harsh chemicals, sweat, oils, perfume, etc. when possible. 

Are your pieces hypoallergenic?

Our pieces are Nickel Free! With Nickel being one of the main causes of allergic reaction, our pieces are safe for the majority of wearers. For those that have to wear real gold to prevent reactions but want to try a cheaper alternative, we recommend trying gold filled over gold plated. With the way the gold is bonded, it is less likely for your skin to react to the metal underneath. While we offer nickel free designs, due to the uniqueness of each person’s biology, Kinsey Designs is not responsible for reactions to the skin. 

Proper Storage

Regardless of which style you choose, each piece needs an ideal place to call home. We recommend storing your jewelry in the pouches/boxes that they ship in, or any airtight bag. Store each piece individually to avoid scratching.

Recommended Cleaning 

If the need to clean your jewelry arises, we recommend using a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap on a soft-bristle brush. Finish up by drying with a jewelry safe-cloth. We do NOT recommend any type of jewelry polishes. 



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